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As of fall 2020 MFA@FLA  does not require the GRE!

Our Recent Books


  • Neal Hammons (Fiction, ’18)’s story “The Future-Ghost of Charles Bronson at Home Depot” has been published in McSweeney’s 60.
  • “Water Music,” Ange Mlinko’s essay on the poet Alice Oswald, appears in the July 23rd, 2020 issue of The New York Review of Books.
  • David Leavitt has been named a UF Research Foundation Professor for 2020.
  • The Italian translation of David Leavitt’s novel Shelter in Place, due out in English from Bloomsbury in October, was published on July 2nd by SEMLibri under the title Il Decoro.If any of you happen to be in Milan (unlikely) you can may see this window display at the Mondadori Superstore in Milan’s Galleria.
  • Michael Hofmann’s translation of four previously untranslated Kafka stories appear in The New Yorker under the title“The Rescue Will Begin in its Own Time.”
  • James Davis (Poetry, ’11) is the third of our alumni to win the Anthony Hecht Prize. The others are Geoffrey Brock and Matthew Ladd.
  • RL Goldberg (Fiction, ’15) interviews Meredith Talusan in The Paris Review online
  • Dan Shurley (Fiction, ’20)’s essay, “The Camera Obscura of Gerald Murnane,” has been published in 3:AM Magazine.
  • Diane Zinna (Fiction, ’98)’s novel, The All-Night Sun, will be published by Random House this August.
  • Read about MFA@FLA in the Fall 2019 issue of Explore, the magazine of the University of Florida Graduate School