Recent Books


  • Alumnus Aaron Thier published an article about Denis Johnson on Lit Hub.
  • Michael Hofmann served on the jury for the 2018 Man Booker International Prize.
  • Hai-Dang Phan’s (Poetry, ’13) debut collection of poems and translations, Reenactmentswill be published this February by Sarabande Books.
  • Alumnus Jacob Guajardo’s “What Got Into Us,” originally published in Passages North, was selected by Roxane Gay for inclusion in the 2018 edition of Best American Short Stories.
  • Ange Mlinko taught at Breadloaf and published poems and essays in Poetry, The New York Review of Books, The London Review of Books, and elsewhere.
  • Little Star 7  includes work by Erick Verran (Poetry, ’21), and alumni John Moran, Elliot Reed, and Aaron Thier.
  • In October, David Leavitt traveled to Buenos Aires to take part in the Festival Internacional de Literatura Filba.
  • Alumnus RL Goldberg’s “The Historical Future of Trans Literature” was published in The Paris Review online.
  • MFA@FLA Kickball Team Dominates Another Season. The team went 47-0 this season, racking up wins against the entomologists, the etymologists, and the Boxton Red Sox. Said first baseman, Forester McClatchey, “BLOOD! BLOOOOOD!” The team continued its thirteen-year undefeated streak, an unprecedented achievement in the world of intramural kickball involving writers. Asked what the team hopes to achieve next year, shortstop Kayla Beth Moore ate a turkey leg and spewed the bones across the pitcher’s mound.
Left to right: Forester McClatchey, Jeremy Bremer, Ashley Kim, Mallory Smith, (I really shouldn’t have gone left to right) Michael Sirois, Earnest Buck, Kayla Beth Moore, Michelle Lesifko-Bremer, Dan Grossman.