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Teaching Assistantship

In the first year, MFA candidates divide their responsibilities between co-teaching with a mentor, grading assignments, and tutoring in the University of Florida Writing Studio. They gain experience teaching or tutoring in three different university courses, while receiving extensive training and mentored support.

A total of fifteen hours each week is divided as follows:

Mentored Section – Observing and Co-Teaching5 hours/weekCo-teach and observe ENC 1101 (Writing Academic Arguments) in the fall and ENC 1102 (Rhetoric and Academic Research) in the spring. Duties are shared with an experienced Ph.D. mentor and a fellow first-year MFA.
Writing Coach and Grader5 hours/weekGrade assignments for ENC 3246 (Professional Communication for Engineers). This includes attending bi-weekly meetings for grading prep and conferencing with students as needed.
Tutor in Writing Studio5 hours/weekWork as a tutor in the University of Florida Writing Studio.

In their second and third years, MFA candidates may teach creative writing workshops in their concentration, composition courses (English 1101 and 1102), Writing for Engineers, or other courses of their choice as part of a 2/1 or 1/2 teaching load. MFA students are guaranteed one section of creative writing in both the second and third years.